alyssa (tshirt) wrote,

uh hi my name is alyssa

the last actual post i made on here was in february. the fuck? everything in the world has happened since then. do you guys even, like, know where i go to school? this shit is so weird

so uh yeah what's happened? i just miss you guys being in my life and wanted to pop in to tell you what i've been up to. i just celebrated my one year anniversary with patrick. i'm majoring in creative writing (hurr durr) at susquehanna university in pennsylvania. it's fucking amazing and i love everything about it. i write awesome stories and have awesome classes and awesome friends and awesome professors.

what else has happened in the past 9 months besides, like, graduating from high school...? my grandfather passed away. i saw & met the disco and patrick stump a couple more times. started watching/became obsessed with merlin; it's my new disco if we're being honest. lifelifelife.

links, in case anyone's still interested in being a part of my life (lol that sounds pathetic and like sad but i don't even mean it that way):
-tumblr. this is my new livejournal. i don't really notice when people follow me, so if i know you shoot me a message and i'll follow you back.
-writing, same place as it's always been
-facebook, go on and add me there, doesn't creep me out!

so who's still around/how YOU doin'?
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I have missed you too, girly! I actually started following you on tumblr a couple weeks ago, I think. Same name as here.

Congrats on graduating, college and your book being published, that's amazing! It feels like I've known you for so long and can say I'm proud of you, hahaha.

Um, I haven't been up to too much, I rarely post on LJ anymore either, sadly. I miss it, but it seems like no one is around anymore, so it's almost pointless. I did meet Panic a couple times this year and Foxy too, no Patrick though :'(
oh yeah i've definitely seen you on there before! following youuu

thank you so much! aw :')

yeah it's so empty, really the only reason i still have my lj (besides saving memories and all the bullshit) is to check comms, which aren't even that active anymore.

what panic shows did you go to!
Sometimes people still post, so I still keep it. I doubt I'll ever really be done with LJ. I'll always check to see if anything is happening.

I went to one in VA in June and to one in OH around the first of November!
lol no :( this was probably my last post. except that sounds really sad and melodramatic, so let's just say it's my last one for like another year until i feel the inevitable need to update whoever's still around on my life again