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start your engines

• i want smiley nails
• the finale of bridalplasty is on in an hour :'(
• panic! in 48 hours
• went to the city w/ patrick on friday and ate at brgr then saw the stepfathers, an improv comedy group, at the upright citizens brigade
• end of the season banquet was today
• we got warm fleeces!
• jesse eisenberg was awesome on snl last night
• must watch phineas and ferb's roller coaster: the musical
• i wanna learn to read roman numerals, for whatever reason
• read five books this month
• i had a dream i met my chemical romance last night ha
• i'm a second semester senior
• so i
• don't
• care

Tags: dumb lists, pictures, public, the disco, too lazy to tag
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if janessa wins BP i will scream. also I just realized tuesday is so soon. i hope the weather behaves
omg i've been rooting for jenessa to get into the final round just because she's so bitchy and brings the drama, but now that it's just her and allyson i really want allyson to win, she's a sweetheart!

ugh it won't, there's like a 90% chance of snow :(
I really want Allyson to win, i think she played the best game. Jenessa just needs to get her ass handed to her.

i know there is, but it's not supposed to start until tuesday night i think. Everyone is saying something different and it's driving me insane.
agreed, it'd be a shame for jenessa to win after allyson was all "i have to grab the bull by the horns!" hahah

ahhh it's making me nervous!

Deleted comment

I'M GLAD YOU ASKED! haha, there are a bunch of brides-to-be in a house and every week there's a challenge regarding putting together flower bouquets, tasting fine wines, etc. whoever wins is the top bride, and she gets a plastic surgery done off her "wishlist." the 2-3 brides with the lowest scores are the bottom brides, and everyone else in the house "rsvps" to whoever's wedding they want to attend, and whoever gets the least votes gets sent home. the winner got all her plastic surgery done and had a wedding designed by a celebrity planner and all that. it sounds ridiculous, and it really is, but it's so much fun & addictive!

omg i watched the ballon skit i don't know how many times.

i'm freaking out over the weather tbh :/ i was gonna drive in but that probably won't work out, so i guess i'll end up taking the train, but still. i really hope you can make it!