alyssa (tshirt) wrote,

uh hi my name is alyssa

the last actual post i made on here was in february. the fuck? everything in the world has happened since then. do you guys even, like, know where i go to school? this shit is so weird

so uh yeah what's happened? i just miss you guys being in my life and wanted to pop in to tell you what i've been up to. i just celebrated my one year anniversary with patrick. i'm majoring in creative writing (hurr durr) at susquehanna university in pennsylvania. it's fucking amazing and i love everything about it. i write awesome stories and have awesome classes and awesome friends and awesome professors.

what else has happened in the past 9 months besides, like, graduating from high school...? my grandfather passed away. i saw & met the disco and patrick stump a couple more times. started watching/became obsessed with merlin; it's my new disco if we're being honest. lifelifelife.

links, in case anyone's still interested in being a part of my life (lol that sounds pathetic and like sad but i don't even mean it that way):
-tumblr. this is my new livejournal. i don't really notice when people follow me, so if i know you shoot me a message and i'll follow you back.
-writing, same place as it's always been
-facebook, go on and add me there, doesn't creep me out!

so who's still around/how YOU doin'?
Tags: i don't even know man, what is a livejournal
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